Which circumstances justify a visit to your home?

Swift house calls for all types of medical condition

The Alpha Doctors are ready to provide medical care whenever you experience any type of acute medical symptoms. After receiving your call, one of our physicians will visit you at home as quickly as possible. He will examine you and start treatment right on site.

There are, on principle, no restrictions as to the ailments for which we can provide care. Our physicians are specialists in emergency situations. They are trained to effectively treat a comprehensive range of medical conditions. If necessary, we can in many cases also arrange for a specialist to visit you at home.

  • We are also happy to provide care for “minor” medical conditions such as an unpleasant common cold.
  • Of course, we are also equipped to treat diseases or injuries of a more serious nature.
  • In urgent emergencies the treatment of which should not be further postponed, we will attempt to check on you at your home as quickly as possible.

Alpha Doctors: medical care at home, at your workplace or at your hotel room

Please note:

In life-threatening emergencies, you should call the general emergency number 112 valid throughout Germany. The paramedics can generally respond much faster to your call. Alternatively, you can also have a family member take you to the A&E unit of the next hospital immediately.

Our physicians are not qualified to perform dental services. If you have dental problems, please contact the dental emergency services.

Who is eligible for our emergency medical and house call services?

The Alpha Doctors make house calls both to private healthcare patients and patients with statutory healthcare insurance and other direct payers. We offer medical services for adults and children.

  • Private healthcare patients are generally reimbursed by their healthcare insurance providers for any costs for house calls, examinations, and medical treatment.
  • If you are a member of a statutory healthcare insurance or if you are a direct payer for any other reasons, a house call will cost you only 180 Euros. Should a more complex therapy be advisable, our physician will discuss the further course of action with you.

Always at your service – for personal and direct care.